My name is David Orchard and I DO is home to my creative work. To put it simply I am a Fine Artist, an Illustrator (Children’s Books, Journals, Publication’s etc.), Portrait Artist, Graphic Designer and Web Designer (Small and Medium size businesses). My speciality is in Portraits and Caricatures (which can be purchased from this website). I have been painting all my life and have a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. I am a published Illustrator with four Children’s Books for O’Donnell Press in Ireland as well as various illustrations for Magazines, Journals and Books. If you need a Graphic Designer I have experience designing for Print and Digital media, both in the B2B and B2C market, for small businesses and International Corporations, including brand / logo design, brochure, leaflet and even through to campaign rationalisation from concept to delivery including Web Design. My pleasure in life is to create striking and pleasing imagery or new and inventive functionality in web and graphic design. To say my passion is one or the other would be wrong I simply have an appetite for beautiful originality and I hope to share my enthusiasm with you.


Commercial and Private

A world without gravity - Concept study (acrylic)
A world without gravity - Concept study (acrylic)
Oxford Botanic Gardens, 'His Dark Materials' exam paper piece (graphic pen)
'The One that got away' post card illustration (oils)
Dodge City illustration, 'Everyman Character' (WCol)
Red Bluff illustration, 'Everyman Character' (WCol)
Exam paper illustration (graphic pen)
'Mouse in the Honeysuckle' childrens book concept art (WCol, Digital)
'Mouse in the Honeysuckle' Character development (brush felts)
'Five fingers Frank', Character development (brush felts)
'Bobby B. AKA brutus bones', Character development (brush felts)
'Everyman character', rough (WCol)
'In the pursuit of an idea' book concept (WCol, Digital)
'Combustius Maximus' character concept (brush felts)
'The Park' series of 12 (WCol)
'Elderly lady' exam paper illustration (graphic pen)
'HEFCE' Christmas card, awarded illustration (WCol)
'Lobster in disguise' Jasper Fforde Character study (digital)
'Minatour Cream Pie' Jasper Fforde Character study (digital)
'Dodo Marshmallow' Jasper Fforde Character study (digital)
'Caged smelly cheese' Jasper Fforde Character study (digital)
'Lightning-rod salesman' (WCol)
'HOCHTIEF Christmas Card' (digital)
'Gold Coin - MG Music' (digital)
'Gun Man' (digital)

Childrens Books

Napoleon The Lonely Leopard Finn's Causeway Adventure Sweet Molly Malone Brainy Bot
Napoleon the
Lonely Leopard

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Finn's Causeway

Sweet Molly


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Logo's / Branding

GRAVITAS Offshore Ltd - Wind Farm Sector
GRAVITAS Offshore Ltd - Wind Farm Sector
A Bite on the Side - Cafe
IDOW - IT Consultancy
UKEA - Electronics Alliance
Dog Dayz - Dog Groomers
ECSN - Electronic Components
AVtV - Audio Visuals company
EARA Music - Web logo concept
DO Arty - Web logo concept

Magazine, Layout, / Print Media / Posters / Albums

GRAVITAS Offshore launch brochure
GRAVITAS Offshore launch brochure
GRAVITAS Offshore launch brochure - Spread
HOCHTIEF News Magazine - Spread
HOCHTIEF News Magazine - Spread
HOCHTIEF promotional folder - Concept
HOCHTIEF promotional folder - Concept
B&Q event day flyer
Think Campaign poster - Uni
Drawer agency poster
The One that got away - Restaurant concept, Uni
Moondancer - Album cover
Undersail - Album cover
Sundancer - Album cover
River Boat - Album cover

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A Caricature makes a great affordable gift that is truely unique and original.

Option 1 - Single, A4 portrait, colour Option 2 - Double, A4 portrait, colour Option 4 - Double, A4 portrait, B&W

A Caricature is a personalised service which involves consulting with the customer to get the best understanding of the content and of course person in the Caricature. Once you have purchased the Caricature Option you want I will contact you (normally within 4 working days) via email where you can tell me all the interesting things the person does and how we can incorporate that into their Caricature. It is very important that before you buy you have a photo of the person to be Caricaturised and that this photo fits the criteria below.

The picture should be:-

  1. In focus and well lit
  2. The face should be forward facing and without any obstructions
  3. The image should be a large jpg file and not pixelated
  4. In colour and as you would like the person to be represented in the Caricature

Options and Prices

Option 1 - £70 A4, watercolour, single person, framed

Option 2 - £100 A4, watercolour, double person, framed

Option 3 - £40 A4, pen and ink (black and white), single person, framed

Option 4 - £60 A4, pen and ink (black and white), double person, framed

Select a Caricature Option

Portrait in oils

The gift that will last a life time, better than any photo.

Kids - in oils
Full body Portrait Portrait in progress Pet portrait

A Portrait is a very specific and personal product which relies on an initial discussion to determine the scope of requirements, e.g. size, framing options, background. There are many variations that incur extra cost, so this initial discussion would offer an indicative price. It may also be necessary to visit you and take photographs of the subject, with this in mind travel costs would also incur an additional cost. However if you have photo's that you feel would produce a good Portrait then that may suffice.

Here is a typical example of cost:-
Oil on board (head and shoulders, textured background), Framed with mountings, measuring 40 x 50cm, no travel required as photo supplied, P&P within the UK
= £200

It takes approximately 4 weeks for the portrait to be produced.

To enquire into a Portrait please use the Contact form below and I will be happy to provide you with a quote.


Contact me

If you would like to contact me to discuss any of my work or if you would like a quote regarding Web
Design, Graphic Design, Illustration or for any of the products, please use the form below and I will
answer your enquiry as soon as possible.

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